akina-yura-dschmitz-031717-3256Interaction and collaboration with other musicians, regardless of their level of proficiency, is my favorite part of this profession. While playing piano requires a lot of time practicing alone, communication through music is a source of continued inspiration. Teaching and collaboration are two things that I strongly feel responsible for, and simultaneously, find highly rewarding.


As a teacher, I aspire to inspire my students, encourage, challenge, and provide sources and information to tackle obstacles they face in learning. Though this process, my goal is to guide each student to build vocabularies to identify and solve foreseen musical/technical solutions and to become more independent musician who can express their interpretation in playing the piano. Lessons are tailored to each student’s needs, goals, learning styles, strengths and weakness, to develp balanced musicianship with skills needed for a pianist.

Opportunities such as student recitals and examinations are encouraged regularly to each student.

I have taught and enjoyed students of all ages and logoall levels, including young and adult beginners, young musicians who aspire to be musicians, who learned the instrument a long time ago and want to refresh their skills, and college music and piano major students.

I hold a studio in Niskayuna of New York-Albany Capital Region. For inquiries for joining Akina’s studio or collaborations, please message me via a contact form.


“Working with Akina was one of my most valuable experiences as a student. Her technical expertise combined with her kindness and encouragement helped me grow so much as a musician. I never felt nervous or dreaded going into a lesson and I always left with newfound knowledge and motivation.”

– Joseph Franco, Certified Music Teacher of Florida:
former piano student at the University of Miami

“Miss Akina helped me become a better pianist not only in playing the correct notes, but in technique and interpretation. In studying with her, I felt that I grew exponentially as a musician and obtained the patience and discipline needed to excel at this art. What a phenomenal experience!”  

– Nicole Steinberg, Soprano: former piano student at the University of Miami

Collaborative Piano akina-yura-dschmitz-031717-3467

Due to the joy of sharing music with others as well as the infinite numbers of extraordinary piano repertoire for ensembles, the musical collaboration with other musicians has always held a special place in my heart.



“Akina and I played together for almost 3 years when we were both doctoral student in University of Miami. Akina is a wonderful musician to play with and she is open-minded in accepting different interpretations and thoughts. We did a lot cello repertoire, including concertos, sonatas and modern pieces. I really miss those moments when we discussed music and made music together.”

– Chia-Li Yu D.M.A, Associate Professor of Quanzhou Normal University


“Dr. Akina Yura is a truly accomplished collaborative pianist. Her musicality, her intelligence, her sensitivity, her patience, and her sheer talent make her a joy to work with. I always felt more confident about an upcoming performance knowing that she was going to be on stage with me.” 

– Laurie Staring, Soprano: D.M. Candidate, Indiana University 


“Akina Yura is a dedicated, hardworking and artful pianist. She comes to rehearsals prepared to get to the heart of the music. Her skill, talent, and professional experience all attribute to her success as a performer, collaborator, and teacher. Akina is a pleasure to work with and will curate a balance of friendship and professionalism throughout the musical process.”       

– Cathryn Lovett, Soprano: B.M. Candidate, University of Miami

For inquiries for joining Akina’s studio or collaborations, please message me via a contact form.