“Working with Akina was one of my most valuable experiences as a student. Her technical expertise combined with her kindness and encouragement helped me grow so much as a musician. I never felt nervous or dreaded going into a lesson and I always left with newfound knowledge and motivation.”

– Joseph Franco, Certified Music Teacher of Florida:
former piano student at the University of Miami

“Miss Akina helped me become a better pianist not only in playing the correct notes, but in technique and interpretation. In studying with her, I felt that I grew exponentially as a musician and obtained the patience and discipline needed to excel at this art. What a phenomenal experience!”  

– Nicole Steinberg, Soprano: former piano student at the University of Miami

Collaborative Piano akina-yura-dschmitz-031717-3467


“Akina and I played together for almost 3 years when we were both doctoral student in University of Miami. Akina is a wonderful musician to play with and she is open-minded in accepting different interpretations and thoughts. We did a lot cello repertoire, including concertos, sonatas and modern pieces. I really miss those moments when we discussed music and made music together.”

– Chia-Li Yu D.M.A, Associate Professor of Quanzhou Normal University


“Dr. Akina Yura is a truly accomplished collaborative pianist. Her musicality, her intelligence, her sensitivity, her patience, and her sheer talent make her a joy to work with. I always felt more confident about an upcoming performance knowing that she was going to be on stage with me.” 

– Laurie Staring, Soprano: D.M. Candidate, Indiana University 

“Akina Yura is a dedicated, hardworking and artful pianist. She comes to rehearsals prepared to get to the heart of the music. Her skill, talent, and professional experience all attribute to her success as a performer, collaborator, and teacher. Akina is a pleasure to work with and will curate a balance of friendship and professionalism throughout the musical process.”       

– Cathryn Lovett, Soprano: B.M. Candidate, University of Miami

For inquiries for joining Akina’s studio or collaborations, please message me via a contact form.